Financial advice

In the financial-legal field, advocacy is an important specialty of VD&P. This means that, in certain situations and based on clear agreements, we will represent your interests as a shareholder, for example within companies where you cannot act directly for reasons of confidentiality, legal or other business considerations.

In addition, VD&P also accepts temporary assignments for financial and other management functions, often in preparation or the integration of an important transaction.

Specifically, you can call on VD&P for the following projects:

  • (Des)investment analyses, feasibility studies, business plans…;
  • Financial projections, budgeting, cash planning…;
  • Valuation;
  • Set-up of information systems for reporting, cost quotation / pricing and performance measurement;
  • Optimisation of the company’s working capital;
  • Management of the financing mix, including financing and credit files;
  • Guidance of companies in difficulty, among others for companies under the Belgian law on the continuity of companies and relaunch after bankruptcy;
  • Elaboration and follow-up of succession regulations (families);
  • Elaboration and follow-up of participation plans for personnel and management;
  • (Re)structuring of the company’s patrimony, optimisation of group structures…;
  • Management and follow-up of real estate and other non-operating companies, including possible direct debit;


Capital Transactions

Financial advisory

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